EP 12: One Year


I can’t believe that it’s been one year since the first episode. It’s been a wild year for me personally, but that’s beside the point.

Thank you all for listening to my silly mixes for the past year. Whether you’ve listened from the beginning or you’ve just stumbled upon this series now, I appreciate you.

The songs in this episode are a mix of tracks that make me feel all sorts of things: nostalgia, old memories, creativity, and more. While I couldn’t fit every artist I wanted to into this episode (I had to trim a lot), I’m happy that I was able to pull something together.


  • Iglooghost – Påleo Mamu
  • Iglooghost – New Vectors
  • Daft Punk – Aerodynamic
  • Feist – My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
  • Boys Noize – Starter
  • The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)
  • Masego x Medasin – Bounce
  • Masego x Medasin – Girls That Dance
  • London Elektricity – Just One Second
  • High Contrast – Chances
  • Sweet Vacation – Goodie Goodie
  • IOSYS – Taboo Tears You Up
  • Nanten – Gate Keeper (D, E)
  • Nanten – Elf Fire (D, E)
  • Sound Horizon – 雷神の左腕
  • Rin’ – Yachiyo no Kaze
  • Torukia
  • NieR Automata OST – Memories of Dust
  • NieR Automata OST – Faltering Prayer – Dawn Breeze