EP 11: Spotify Selects


On Spotify, I have a personal playlist made up of artists and songs that I’ve found or remembered through Discover Weekly. This time, I decided to make a mix out of all those songs.

I love how this came out in the end. Some of them you’d probably never hear in a club or on the radio, and they’re not for everyone, but I think they’re neat and deserve some love.


  • Massappeals – Cola
  • Nömak & Araatan – Teeter Totter
  • former hero – our landscape
  • INZO – Visionaries ft. Novet (yitaku Remix)
  • Shurk – A Darker World
  • X&G – Closer feat. Josh Pan
  • Tsuruda – Peanut Butter
  • Blue Mora – No Communication
  • Tails – Ghosted (feat. Pauline Herr)
  • REZZ x Laura Brehm – Melancholy
  • Thomas Vx – Snow In July
  • Danny Darko ft. Jova Radevska – Butterfly (HotSix Remix)
  • shibuya. – void.
  • Dimlite – Exact Fingerpointing
  • Clams Casino – Motivation
  • DROELOE – Wake The Warrior